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Lease or Purchase a photocopier we will find you the best deal available

We will source the best deal for your business guarantee

We guarantee our work and we guarantee you the best deal available

Hire purchase/asset purchase – there can be some great advantages with hiring a machine such as upgrades saving capital just to name a few. There also can be some amazing deals on an outright purchase. To really understand the best option financially for your business it is a good idea to seek independent advice.

Please see your financial advisor or accountant for independent advice on what suits you best we are happy to give information and give you the best chance of making the right choice. We are located in Sydney CBD.

We provide three quotes on every contact and aim to make your experience of purchasing a machine for your office a great one we are open to feedback and absolutely love what we do. Digital printing is having massive advances right now and sourcing the right machine can reduce costs in your office.

To learn more about how the right machine can actually reduce costs give us a call. Please be aware that signing leases carry danger and that all agreements need to be thoroughly read and inspected. To understand we do not provide dodgy lease agreements you will need to inspect some of our competitor’s leases. Our agreements have little jargon and are easy to understand.

We specialise in copier rental


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If your in the market for a Sydney photocopier we are the team for you


We are always running specials and keeping stock of the latest equipment.

For information on new release equipment please contact us we are here to help.


If you are looking for outright purchase we will provide 5 quotes and make sure every quote is exactly what your office requires we do an honest assessment of your needs and provide realistic recommendations. To make an inquiry please fill out one of our forms or simply call our number for an onsite free inspection. We all know that helping you we can create a relationship one of honesty and integrity from us to your business.