Business Broadband For Australia Businesses

Welcome to copiers-fax-machines we are a business that is dedicated to bringing you high-quality devices and equipment to your business. We aim to reduce the amount of frustration you have with your business broadband supplier.

Our solutions are both cost-effective and come with a tailored package service solution that fits your business broadbands needs.

Long gone are the old days of having to endure bad service providers without a choice. No more having an issue and being stuck on the phone for hours trying to sort your solution. We provide one account manager who will be dedicated to servicing your business 24/7.

Our custom broadband deals are ideal for your business

We have multiple packages that will suit your companies¬†internet needs and have you connected at lightning speed to the internet. If you are currently unhappy with your provider we highly recommend that you give us a call today. Our web solutions are that highly tailored to each organization’s specific needs.

Our sales team are more than happy to do a free onsite analysis of your business broadband requirements and will shop up at your place within 24 hours of requesting an onsite analysis.

If you ever need advice on whether you are able to switch providers and be put in a new contract please contact us. Our team is experts at analyzing your contract to access if you can be put into something new that will be of more value and service to your business.

How long will my contract run for?

We recommend on average a 36-month contract for all of our clients. Some clients will prefer 60month and 12-month contracts. We are flexible in meeting your needs and are happy to provide a contract term that best suits your internet requirements. Broadband is an important part of any and all business as it is now virtually impossible to run a business without internet access we guarantee you friendly and efficient service.

Web solutions can be bundled should you choose any of our other products. Copiers, AV solutions and internet services bundled together will see you receive a massive discount.

Our onsite free quote is offered to all of our potential clients. We believe in giving you an honest quote that will provide you with value and solutions that are understandable.